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About Me

Hello Geminisphere, I am Rose. I am a 52 year old woman who has seen computers and the internet go from science fiction to science fact. I have been around computers since the early 1980's. To be exact, in 1982, I walked into a classroom in middle school and sat down before a Commodore 64. I was 13 years old and the discovery of computing became a fascination for me.

It wasn't until 1994, though, that I had a chance to purchase my own "home" computer. I went to a computer show at a large venue and there was where I saw it, I bought it, eagerly rush home and unloaded that monster sized machine in a designated room, where I had a desk at the ready. This clunker came preloaded with a Windows 3.1 operating system, was 66MHZ fast and had a primitive version of an Intel processor. It ran on an antiquated modem, in terms of today, and the internet was at its rudimentary level. I had that computer throughout the whole 1990's. I saw the internet blossom since the early days, in 2000 I got broadband and the annoyance of the modem usage was a thing of the past. Oh by that time Windows got better, telemetry wasn't even an issue and I remained a windows user until 2018.

That is when I said enough is enough with the telemetry that Windows had become known for, there was also the frustration of updates appearing in the most inopportune times and a host of other problems with the Windows OS of today.

I had been aware of Linux for a year prior and had tried various distros on VirtualBox but I had set my mind to leaving Windows behind once and for all and that is what I did, not once but twice. You see I have two laptops. I downloaded Linux Mint on my HP laptop and MX Linux on my Lenovo Ideapad. It downloaded without any glitches on both lappies. Right away I noticed all the positives, my computers ran faster, there was absolutely no built in telemetry, no uncontrolled updates, my HP is an older end laptop, I bought it in 2015 and it brought new life to an old computer, etc.

Linux Distributions

As I stated above, my HP laptop had Linux Mint until a few days ago when I switched it to Manjaro, a simple, user friendly Arch based Linux distro. I decided that I was way past the Mint newbie to Linux point and wanted more out of the next distro. I chose Manjaro because it is the simplest of the Arch based distributions. I am currently on my HP typing away right now. I love this distro!

On occasion I will be making recommendations and trying new distros on the virtbox, I love being able to try out the different flavors without any commitment on my actual hardware.

Recommended Capsules, Websites and Videos.

Here I will list capsules and websites that I think you all will like:

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